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Customer-Centric Transformation

Watch the recording to hear how the landscape of CX is rapidly changing. The customer-centric transformation is accelerating teams and organisations everywhere.

About this session

One of the most effective methods to work customer-centric is Design Thinking. Design thinking can seem easy, especially when done through fun workshops. But the real transformational power of DT gets unlocked when the framework can be scaled. In the customer-centric transformation, Design Thinking plays a key role that changes how people understand and solve problems.

Watch this webinar with Jochem van der Veer, and Martin Palamarz, Founders of TheyDo, to hear how working customer-centric transforms the way large organizations produce breakthrough results.

Key moments

Do you want to quickly jump to the goodies? Here’s a few chapters:

08:55 – The difference between big and small data and the magic of personas

23:06 – Why customer journey mapping is so hard to scale

34:12 – How to look at different strategic horizons, customer-centric


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