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Announcing our $1.7M seed round

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve raised a $1.7M seed-investment. These funds will be invested in the company to scale and meet the rising demand for Journey Management as we continue to innovate our platform – including hiring more engineers and rolling out TheyDo worldwide, starting in the US.


February 8, 2022

#Journey Management

We transformed TheyDo in 2019 from a consultancy company to a clever software platform and have grown exponentially since then, thanks to our users, customers, partners, and various investors. At the start of TheyDo, investment company Arches Capital invested almost half a million in seed money so that we could build the first scalable version of the tool. 

With this new capital injection, InnovationQuarter is investing the largest share in TheyDo. Arches Capital also invested again. Along with our existing Angels, co-founder of Sketch Pieter Omvlee, Jeroen Nieuwenhuijs of Snowflake, Ruben Meiland former VP-Product at Eventbrite, Essense Service Design founder Harald Lamberts, Vodafone CEO Jens Schulte-Bockum and Recruitee’s COO Robbert Flipsen contributed capital for the further development of our company. 

New data integrations 

With the recently raised funds, we’ll first expand our team and the functionalities in the field of data integrations. Integrations with data and research tools such as Dovetail, Qualtrics, Medallia, Google analytics and Salesforce are ready for implementation. This will bring all CX insights into one context, around the customer journey.


Journey hierarchy

As one of our customers once put it, ‘You can’t run your business on a whiteboard’. Right! The pandemic has painfully exposed how disorganized our silos actually are, and how limiting teams to communicating online creates even more islands. In the last two years, teams trying to get overview and alignment on digital whiteboards like Miro have reached their limitations in those environments. It’s not structured enough, everyone can do anything, and therefore most stakeholders are afraid to even go near it. In the end, not having a single structure to manage the customer experience, align your teams, and manage all the relevant customer journeys breaks ground for a new approach to journey management.

Over the past two years, we have learned that most complex organizations have dozens, sometimes hundreds, of journeys that are all part of the customer experience. To deliver a successful system to manage journeys like you manage products, we’re working on a completely new hierarchy design.

Going overseas

We are also investing in growth into the US. We see that most enterprise organizations in the US have already come a long way in measuring customer experience based on, for example, NPS scores or product reviews. The technology and tools for this have been developed at a rapid pace in recent years. However, what they are not yet able to understand very well is what all customer journeys look like. Some examples of this include the phase before the customer presses the buy button, how they fit into a structure of existing features, products and services and how different specialists and teams can more easily work together. Our practical Dutch technology is designed for large organizations to align their business goals with the customer experience.

Growing the team

One of the challenges in today’s world is the disconnect between people and teams. As we are designed as a remote-first company (from the get-go), the funding will allow us to grow the team across Europe and beyond, but also invest in creating a culture of empowered product teams. The problems we are trying to solve for large organizations are crystal clear, but it’s the way we shape our organization to deliver the best solution that is the focus for 2022. Since January this year, we have welcomed new engineers, designers and our first head of sales (yes, the product does the heavy lifting, but we are designing the buying journey to be amazing from signup to scale). Besides research and development we aim to invest in our own customer experience to match the goals of our customers with the features and guiding material we offer.

Low barrier, high-ceiling

Ultimately, we’re building TheyDo to be the product to align your teams, opportunities and solutions with the customer journey, in a way that is also flexible so you can map, structure and prioritize journeys in frameworks that can be used to manage the entire customer experience.

This investment might already feel like a big step, but actually we are just getting started. We can’t wait to release the new hierarchy. Not only will it allow all of you to scale journey management across the entire company, but more importantly to be able to fund the acceleration of the journey-led workflow around the globe.

What we already shipped

Here we are again! Rolling out to workspaces today is the Custom Taxonomy. Using your own labels and naming conventions to manage every solution around the journey.

New features

From now on you can nudge your team, colleagues and stakeholders with comments. Need their attention? Try mentioning them.

New features

Journey Management is a cross-team discipline and with hundreds of journeys to manage, keeping track of everything is hard. The new TheyDo Dashboard will help you to get overview.

New features