How customer-centric are you, really?

To produce breakthrough innovations at scale, working customer-centric is essential. Basically, there are 5 levels any organization goes through, transforming the way they work. This assessment is designed to help you find out where you are and how to reach the next level.


How the assessment works

At TheyDo we work with many different organization types to transform their processes and make them customer-centric across the board. To assess quickly how and where to make the biggest impact we use a 5-stage model. The model helps us to identify where in the process of becoming customer-centric a company is. Also, it helps the organization to understand itself and to quickly see the big picture of what needs to be done.

All too often, customer-centric thinking was available to a handful of individuals. These innovators in their organization then had a hard time convincing others that working customer-centric is driving business drives results.

Because there is no simple path forward, and every organization needs different things at different stages in the customer-centric transformation it’s easy to get lost.

In many conversations we had, one of the most productive starting points was a little assessment we offered our clients. To embed customer-centricity into the fabric of the company you need to understand where you are now, and where you are going.

Without a framework, you will not succeed and without knowing where you are, you will not know where to go.

To help you ‘skip-the-line’ and get going, we made our assessment available for everyone.

It’s a fun and quick exercise you can do online, and in 10 minutes it will help you reveal where you are in the 5 stages of customer-centric transformation.

Are you ready?

Start the assessment and find out.