Prioritization workflow across journeys

Identifying and prioritizing opportunities across journeys and teams is the key to working experience-led.

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Know exactly what
to address next

Cut decision-making time by standardizing the way you capture opportunities, prioritize, and track solution progress — from idea through to production.


The power of one

Clearly see where one opportunity impacts multiple steps across the customer experience and act on it.

Align solutions with journey opportunities

Use TheyDo to link the right solution with the right opportunity.

Track who’s working on what

Know who’s working on what solution and be confident that everyone’s priorities are aligned to the context of the customer.

Link opportunities and solutions with journey steps

TheyDo’s unique setup helps you to create many-to-many relations — often opportunities cut across journeys and solutions are part of multiple journeys.

Set up your own
customer-centric workflow

Align on opportunities first, then stay aligned delivering the right solutions. TheyDo is like a product management solution, but then for journeys.

The missing link in
your tech stack

Your insights, research and messy data lives in one place — your goals priorities and projects in another. TheyDo helps you to organize everything around the journey so work can flow.

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