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Learn a unique method to reveal insights you can’t find anywhere else.

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Online course - 4 modules - 1,5hrs video content

About the course

This is a Free Online Course on how to reveal customer insights to help you explain your (big) data.

Finding answers in your data is hard. In fact, there is rarely an answer to a ‘why’ question found in data alone. While metrics like NPS, CSAT and the usual conversion rates are great indicators for ‘what’ and ‘how large’, they fall short in explaining why.

Data is dumb. So you have to be smarter.

You'll learn

  • How to run interviews in a way you have never heard before

  • To obtain all the information to create relatable personas

  • How to create customer journeys that work

  • Present insights everyone agrees to, including your customer

  • How to create a single customer source of truth and why it matters

  • A scalable method you can apply to all your projects

Free templates and resources

From materials to doing customer interviews, everything is designed to do from anywhere.

1,5 hrs on-demand video

The course is designed for teams who want to understand their customers better, and learn a new method.

Guaranteed customer insights

You'll be amazed what new facts you will uncover.

Course materials

4 modules, 1,5 hrs of video - Free TheyDo access
Module 1: Introduction and your first scheduled interview

The first week is all about laying the foundation for your activities. You will learn how to formulate your goals and look ahead using the information you already know. Once you know what to look for, it’s time to understand who your successful customers are and where to find them. At the end of this module, you’ll have scheduled virtual sessions with the right customers.

Lesson 1: Welcome from Jochem.

Lesson 2: Create your first persona (inside-out).

Lesson 3: Make a list of customers to interview.

Lesson 4: Scheduling technique to get 10 interviews booked.

Module 2: Learn the interview method that 10x's your results

This is where the fun starts. You will learn an interview technique that is so effective, you’ll want to do it again. You will also learn how to practice and prepare for real customers.

Lesson 1: Interview theory: how to get people to tell you what they really need.

Lesson 2: Test it yourself. Practice with a friend and get confident.

Lesson 3: The perfect note-taking method.

Lesson 4: Final preparations for the interviews.

Module 3: Capture insights in a smart way

Interview time! This module is all about understanding why your customers do what they do, digging deep below the surface, and uncovering tiny clues that reveal major trends. We will show you how to use a technique called ‘timeline journeys’ to capture your insights in a smart way that scales.

Lesson 1: Start summarizing using a simple grid template.

Lesson 2: Persona development, made simple.

Lesson 3: How do you know when an insight is true?

Lesson 4: Knowing when to stop asking more questions.

Module 4: Bring everything together and define the opportunity

Once you have structured your insights in a meaningful way, you’ll learn how to turn them into actionable opportunities. By the end of this module, you will not only have revealed insights you can act on right now, but you have created a hub where new insights can be turned into opportunities faster and smarter than ever before. And the best thing? This course is designed to integrate into your existing workflow.

Lesson 1: Recreate the customer journey using real insights.

Lesson 2: Capture insights in your journey, ready to present.

Lesson 3: Present back to people who didn’t talk to your customers.

Lesson 4: Closing thoughts and next steps.

Why this course?

Let’s face it, understanding why people do what they do is the big challenge most organizations (not yours) face. Over the years, we have seen many large organizations struggle to use all their data to understand what to do next and why. The reason is simple: while data is great to measure what happened, big data cannot explain why things happen.

But there is a way to complete the picture. And once you understand how, it’s so easy you can scale it across the company.

This course is designed to teach you a smart way to reveal insights to improve your customer experience, internal communications and deliver measurable results.

We want you to succeed and if your experience is anything less than that — we are here to help.

Why is this course free?

At TheyDo, we believe this method is so effective in its simplicity it would be outrageous to charge for it. Our platform is built to work with the insights you are about to discover, and we have made it our mission to redefine working customer-centricity. We want you to move the needle for your team and business. So also we made our software free.

For whom is this course?

This course is designed for CX Professionals, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Marketing Managers, well… basically anyone working at larger organizations who believe having happy customers is the most fundamental success factor in business. The only prerequisite is that you already have customers. Why? This program is designed to learn from existing customers, how to attract new customers, how to make struggling customers successful with your product or service, and how to reduce churn. The good thing? You don’t need a lot, a handful of successful customers is already enough.

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Online course - 4 modules - 1,5hrs video content - Launches January 21st.