Save time, let us digitize your journeys.

Upload your journey in any format: smoke signals, xls, doc, or just photos. We turn everything into TheyDo journeys for you so you save time.

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How it works


Upload up to 4 files.


We turn files into an interactive journey.


You receive a link to preview.


Once accepted we hand control over to you.

The benefits of TheyDo Journeys

Fit on a single screen

Using our unique circular customer journey view, you’ll always see the entire journey in one go regardless of your screen size.

Can be shared company-wide

Customer journeys are dynamic so your TheyDo journeys are too. Share your TheyDo journey across your organization to collaborate and get the necessary buy-in.

Help you stay organised

Using TheyDo will help you to stay consistent and organized where you normally face chaos and ad-hoc working methods - manage all your journeys in one place.

It’s easy to understand our candidates and their journeys when the qualitative data comes to life in TheyDo

Deepak Birdja CX Specialist

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