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Journey Mapping

Create customer journeys that look good.

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A mapping experience designed for screens

Drag & Drop editing

Just start adding steps to your journey. Everything else will unfold once your journey structure is in place.

✓ Unlimited steps and phases
✓ Define a journey your way
✓ Compare steps for any customer

Zoom in
and out

Typically your customer has a certain mood while having an experience. If you map how your customer feels TheyDo shows the emotional arc.

✓ Simple empathy mapping
✓ Show a journey ‘temperature’
✓ Know how customers feel

It’s easy to understand our candidates and their journeys when the qualitative data comes to life in TheyDo”

Deepak Birdja UX Designer

present and share

Create your Journeys together and share them with your stakeholders. Collaborative editing and shared access help you accomplish more.

and observations

Track what people say when they talk about you. Share observations how people behave.

✓ Track individual user comments
✓ Share observations
✓ Empathize with moods

Tag & find

Track where or how your customer interacts with you. Then easily find different interactions other customers have.

✓ Compare different journeys
✓ Tag in your own way
✓ Search & find anything

Attach images
and files

Attach photos or files that support your findings. Make your journey about real customers.

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One customer,
unlimited journeys

You can create high level journeys or go very detailed. One persona can have unlimited journeys. It’s up to you.

We created TheyDo because our clients needed a framework to make decisions — there wasn’t anything like this on the market before.
Jochem van der Veer Co-Founder TheyDo

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