Customer journey mapping tool for modern teams

Using customer journeys to align across teams used to be tough. Luckily, there’s a better way. TheyDo makes it easy to standardize and scale customer journey management.

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A beautiful design tool
made for modern journeys

We know how important it is to create a shared understanding of the customer. Visualize customer journeys and see how the pieces of your work fit together. Map insights, personas, opportunities and solutions across user journeys.


Drag, drop, and link everything across journeys

Besides being an intuitive editor, TheyDo creates repositories for all your personas, opportunities, and solutions — create once, link many times.

Capture opportunities and align who is working on what

Once your user journey is complete TheyDo helps you add a layer on top of your journeys to capture new opportunities. 

Track solutions right in the journey — link their delivery teams

One feature, service or process can be a touchpoint in many user journeys. Only TheyDo unlocks the hidden links between people, processes and products — all across the customer journey.

Manage work better when epics align with real opportunities

Journeys let you surface opportunities to align who’s working on what type of solution. TheyDo links the entire organization together around the customer journey.

Triple Diamond workflow with journeys

Designed for cross-team collaboration in the cloud

No more versions, files, or missing updates. Customer journey mapping with TheyDo is live. We don’t even have a save button.

Roles & permissions

Admins, Contributors and Viewers — you control who has access to what.

Custom Templates

Scale journey mapping by creating customer journey templates everyone can (or has to) use.

Live links (or old-skool PDF’s)

Link sharing or PDF export for print. You can share any customer journey with anyone.

Comments & Activity

Give everyone an update on what happened where. Subscribe to email digest, @mention your colleages and collaborate asynchronously.

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