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You don’t have to shuffle between spreadsheets, email, and other tools to keep your customer journeys on course.

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What is CX Management Software?

Where a lot of CX tools focus on measuring touchpoints, TheyDo flips the script. We help you create workflows around the customer journey. Manage all journeys in one system, track opportunities and improve CX across the organisation.


Why do you need it?

Managing CX is hard work. Even harder if you don’t use software or have journeys spread across too many post-its. It’s easy to lose track of all the moving pieces—and tough to stay up to date. That’s when things fall through the cracks. Use one tool to organise journeys, make communication easy, and create a better customer experience

journey hierarchy explained

Key benefits of CX Management

Get journeys at the heart of the operation

TheyDo Customer Journey Ecosystem


Managing all journeys in one place helps everyone to see the big picture.

Customer Journey Management


With overview comes the ability to opportunities that are relevant to your business, in any journey.

TheyDo Customer Journey Opportunity Repository


Help everyone involved to make decisions as one team when all opportunities are ranked in one system.

TheyDo helped us in redefining our entire way of working by placing our candidates in the center of everything we do, globally.

Ghislaine Prins Global Marketing Director

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