Design Thinking
as a circular process

Capture the entire double diamond workflow not once, but every time. Scale insights from projects across the company.

TheyDo Double Diamond Design Thinking

Make Design Thinking
a company-wide practice

TheyDo helps you to keep track of every challenge. Connect personas, journeys and solution in one place.

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Start small, scale fast.

Start by defining the
business challenge

Create a persona and map their journey

Create a new customer journey from scratch or connect an existing journey to solve your challenge.

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Create one or more
problem statements

Find the right problem using your customer journey. Highlight exactly where the most important problems are.

Know what to
focus on and why

Look at the problem from the customer’s perspective. Identify the gap and know what to do.

✓ Get customer’s perspective
✓ Compare business goals
✓ Track progress
✓ Collaborate with your team

Track solutions
from idea to validation

Once you have found the right problem it becomes much easier to generate ideas so solve it.

✓ List all your ideas
✓ Rank in line with customer needs
✓ Track what’s validated
✓ Build a repository of ideas

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TheyDo helped us redefining our entire way of thinking about problems, by focussing on customer needs instead of metrics.

Marc Liem Brand Activation Manager B2B

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