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Manage customer journeys and business opportunities in one place. Faster alignment and better results for everyone, including your customer.

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Remote Customer Journey management

Forget messy whiteboards and PDF's. Standardise one way of working with journeys and collaborate in one place.

Let everyone grasp what your customer experiences

Use personas to show how different customer types experience the same journey differently

Need-based personas

Maintain alignment across teams

Use journeys to surface opportunities using your customer’s perspective.


Connect all the dots

Steps in TheyDo are hold insights together in one organised place.

Drag & drop

Drag & drop steps to organise your journey


Quickly link journeys together using backlinks.


Show what each persona does and how it feels for them.


Share your thoughts with your team, right in the journey.

Moment of Truth

Highlight important steps for you and your customer


Backtrack ideas and implemented solutions to its original source

Opportunity management

Discover your business' real agility by working on opportunities across journeys.


Once an opportunity is validated you assign an owner so everyone knows who’s working on what.


Open, solved and even the status of potential solutions. TheyDo gives you the overview you need.


Group opportunities together in sections the way you want to work.

TheyDo helped us in redefining our entire way of working by placing our candidates in the center of everything we do, globally.

Ghislaine Prins Marketing Director

Faster decision-making

Once your team understands the customer's voice, there is a single point of truth that clarifies backlogs, opportunities and roadmaps.

Track solutions

Know who's working on what, and where things stand.

Keep teams aligned

All your journeys in one place, so everyone has access.

Choose to work smarter

TheyDo is the online platform where teams collaborate customer-centric.

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