Make journeys part of your way of working

Control and Manage Your Customer Journeys
Customer Journey Custom Lanes

Map and manage journeys in one place

Forget messy whiteboards and PDF’s. Standardise one way of working with journeys and collaborate in one place. Map journeys in minutes, organise them in seconds. TheyDo is that fast.

TheyDo Customer Journey Boards

Generate the perfect overview

Create views to visualise the customer experience. Powerful filtering, sorting, and drag & drop give you the freedom to arrange your journeys to show the big picture, the way you want.

Generate View With Journey Boards

Zoom in on your customer experience

The perfect overview is different from C-level executives to service designers and from feature to strategy. Take the power to zoom in from the big picture all the way down to a step in a customer journey.

Ecosystem → Lifecycle → Journey → Step → Opportunity

Made for company-wide
alignment & collaboration

Every component of TheyDo is geared towards maximising overview capacity and real-time collaboration.

Live Collaboration in your Journeys

Live collaboration

Map customer experience together, creating customer journeys and personas.

Manage your Journeys with Journey Boards

Experience Boards

Create meaningful CX overviews for your team, using your and other team’s journeys from other teams

Track Solutions For All Personas

Opportunity Management

Align teams with opportunities across journeys, assign owners and track solution workflows.

Workspaces for all Teams

Workspaces for everyone

Align teams with opportunities across journeys, assign owners and track solution workflows.

A single source of customer-truth

All companies, large and small, run their
CX with a mix of pen and paper customer journeys in workshop journeys, project journeys and hundreds of digital whiteboards.

TheyDo creates a single source of truth, centralising all journeys into one experience overview, to unlock your team’s full potential.

CX Exellence

Connect all the dots,
get started with your first journey

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