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Working journey-centric is easy with TheyDo. Let us show you around.

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Learn how to manage opportunities across journeys. Assign ownership, organise, rank and prioritise all opportunities in one place so your whole team is aligned and stays focussed.

2 min video

Learn how to create a professional customer journey from scratch with this step-by-step video.

10 min video

Whether you are showing the circular journey to quickly show where the pain points are or use the present mode to go deeper - TheyDo lets you zoom in and out of each journey shared on your screen.

3 min video

Add persona actions and their emotion to your journeys. TheyDo then generates the beautiful empathy arc journeys are famous for. Now you can create them too!

Sounds obvious, right? But it really works. Using familiar labels for the phases of a journey helps to quickly get everyone in your business on the same page.

3 min video

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