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What Are Solutions?

What Are Solutions?

With solutions, you capture ideas or concepts for new or existing features, products, or services. This guide gives you a first intro to help you get started.

After you have defined and prioritized your key problem areas using Opportunities, it’s time to come up with solutions to those problems.

What are solutions?

Solutions capture ideas or concepts for new or existing features, products, and services. You can use them in brainstorming sessions to map new ideas, or to link existing features, products, or services back to your journeys. Solutions can be assigned a status so you can follow their implementation progress, owners to specify ownership, and they can also be prioritized.

How solutions help you to improve your CX

In short, mapping solution in TheyDo helps you do several things:

  • Create an inspiring idea inventory: Solutions in TheyDo help you to capture new ideas and existing features all in one place. This helps you to keep things manageable while also helping you to communicate your most important insights to others. Every solution you create is saved in the solution repository and can be used by anyone else in their journeys. Therefore a solution you create can inspire others and the other way around.
  • Focus on the right solutions: Solutions help you articulate ideas and concepts and prioritize which ones are crucial to your customers or business. Because they are linked to your journeys and opportunities, it’s often very clear what the context of a solution is and how they will generate impact. The more journey steps a solution is linked to, the more relevant a solution is. This helps ensure that you pick solutions that solve the right problems.
  • Track and validate your backlog: TheyDo offers deep integration with tools like Jira and Azure Devops. This makes it the perfect place to re-connect your backlog to your customer journeys. This in turn helps product teams to better understand why they’re building what they’re building. It also helps to re-evaluate and validate if your backlog addresses the right problems for your customers. Lastly, this also helps you track what’s being worked on from within the context of your journeys.

Solutions in the journey management workflow

Solutions play a role in the solution discovery stage of the Triple Diamond workflow. This stage comes after the problem discovery phase, where you identify and prioritize the key problems to solve for your customers. After prioritizing your best solution concepts and ideas, you can push the solutions with the highest potential to your backlog using our Jira or Azure Devops integration.

TheyDo enables you to manage the entire innovation process around journeys. Basically, we help you tie Journeys, Opportunities and Solutions together to create a unified overview of the entire product and service architecture.

Ready to get started?

To get started with solutions, move on to our guide on creating solutions.

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Solutions help you to capture and prioritize ideas or concepts for new features, products, and services. This guide explains how to make the most out of solutions in TheyDo.

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