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Intro into the Journey Management workflow

Intro into the Journey Management workflow

Run the entire innovation process from insight to implementation on journeys.

TheyDo has been designed with a tried and tested innovation workflow in mind: the Triple Diamond approach. This guide describes the core steps and processes of the triple diamond and how journey management ties everything together.

We’ll cover:

TheyDo’s workflow underpinning the Triple Diamond
The triple diamond explained
⬦⬦ Problem discovery
⬦ Solution discovery
⬦⬦ Solution development
Mapping your workflows to journey management

TheyDo’s workflow: underpinning the Triple Diamond ⬦⬦

The Double Diamond originates from service design thinking and focuses on customer-centric innovation. But today, a triple diamond is more common to include the actual development stage of implementing the solution.

The triple diamond explained

The core steps and deliverables in the triple diamond are so fundamental to customer-centric organizations, and because your journeys are connecting the dots it becomes possible to scale the entire process.

TheyDo is designed to help everyone involved to align, and maintain alignment for years to come.

The approach comes down to six key phases, splitting each diamond in a converging phase, followed by a converging phase.

⬦⬦ Problem discovery

  • Discover journeys: doing customer research to create deep insight into customer experience and the problems people encounter. Customer journeys, journey frameworks, and personas are excellent tools to describe the customer experience.
  • Define opportunities: using the insights gathered in the ‘Discover’ phase to define the core problems or challenges to solve – opportunities, and then prioritizing them to select the most impactful ones.

Problem Discovery Guide
Want to learn how TheyDo enables Problem Discovery with journey management? Check out the full guide.

⬦ Solution Discovery

  • Ideate solutions: thinking up solutions (or bringing in existing ideas) to the selected opportunities, and prioritizing them to select the most impactful ones.
  • Validate solutions: whether small in-person validations of a prototype or running experiments live on a digital platform – get feedback to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Solution Discovery Guide
Want to learn how TheyDo enables Solution Discovery with journey management? Check out the full guide.

⬦⬦ Solution Development

  • Design & development: handing the selected solution concepts over to the product teams in order to design, build and validate further.
  • Rollout & deliver: Ship and measure impact on the customer experience (and loop back new insights into the journeys!) 

As you can see, the core processes and deliverables used in the Triple Diamond are all covered by TheyDo’s core features: journey frameworks, journeys, personas, opportunities, solutions, and integrations with product management tools like Jira or Azure DevOps.

Solution Development Guide
Want to learn how TheyDo enables the Solution Development stage with journey management? Check out the full guide.

Map your current workflows to journey management

So how do you put this workflow into practice? We created examples for every stage of the Triple Diamond. But before we go and see how you can use TheyDo step-by-step it’s useful to understand how your existing processes, tools and teams fit the journey management workflow.

Identify the gaps

Take a moment to review your way of working. What does your journey management process look like from customer insights all the way to service delivery? The better you understand the status quo, the better you’ll be able to pinpoint how TheyDo can support your way of working.

To help you map your way of working, we have created a template you can download here.

No matter what your way of working looks like, the processes and deliverables that TheyDo supports are so fundamental to customer-centric innovation that they can be found in any variation of it.

TheyDo is flexible, so all it takes to is a review of how you go from customer insights to product or service implementation. Need a hand? Our experts can help you draw this out → Schedule a 30-min setup call


What if my own process looks nothing like the Triple Diamond?

Every organization uses different language, deliverables, and process variations when it comes to customer-centric innovation. Therefore you might not recognize, at first, how TheyDo can support your way of working. Here are some common synonyms you might recognize:

  • Customer journey: Process map, service blueprint, sales funnel
  • Journey framework: Customer lifecycle, product/service ecosystem
  • Opportunity: How Might We (HMW), Value statement, problem definition, problem fit, bold move, initiative 
  • Solution: Idea, concept, epic, feature, solution fit
  • Prioritization: Selection, scoring, 3 lenses of innovation, value/effort evaluation
  • Journey management: Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)

What about lean and agile?

TheyDo’s Triple Diamond doesn’t replace lean or agile; it precedes them and fits them like a glove. The Triple Diamond process makes sure you understand customer problems and pick the best solutions to solve them. Lean and agile then take over to make sure those solutions are built, validated, and iterated efficiently.

  • Triple Diamond (TheyDo): understand customer problems and pick the most impactful solutions to solve them. 
  • Lean: validate and iterate those solutions using experiments and customer feedback.
  • Agile: build those solutions in the most efficient way possible. 

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