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How to create Personas

How to create Personas

Learn how to create and edit personas, as well as how to add them to journeys.

Personas help you to create reliable and realistic representations of your key customer segments. In this guide we cover:

Creating personas

To create a persona in TheyDo, go to the persona overview, and click on ‘new persona’. You will be able to save a persona once you give it a name.

Editing personas

Every persona has its own canvas where you can create and define them in more detail. The more depth you add, the better your teams will be able to empathize with your personas. Here is an overview of the most important elements you can add:

Basic properties
These elements help you to define a persona.

  • Title – Give your persona a simple a name
  • Header image – Add a visual to your persona
  • Description – Add a description of your persona
  • Categorization – Add a category to your persona. These categories are used to ‘group’ personas in TheyDo.
  • Creator – TheyDo will timestamp the creation of a persona
  • Color – Change the color of your persona.
  • Comments – Use these at the bottom to @-mention or comment

Extra properties
Use these elements to add extra depth to your personas.

  • Personality traits – Add traits you can score. Note that TheyDo does not currently support custom traits (yet).
  • Interests – Add interest tags
  • Brands Add brands that the persona likes
  • Needs – Add the most important needs
  • Jobs – Add the most important customer jobs
  • External Links – Add links to other places, for example to insights or dashboards
  • External Files – Add documents to the persona, for example persona overviews or dashboard screenshots


How can I add metrics and live data to my persona?

This is not (yet) possible, but we are well underway when it comes to bringing your favorite data tools for CX and transactional metrics to TheyDo. Currently, there are two ways to do this:

  • Add an external link to the persona that links to your dashboard URL.
  • Make a screenshot of your dashboard overview and add it as an attached file to the persona. Update it every once in a while to keep this up-to-date.

How can I add more data than TheyDo’s input fields provide for?

To add even more insights, add extra attachments with PDFs or images of your personas, or link to more elaborate personas in your database.

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