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Organizing personas

Organizing personas

Learn how to organize personas into categories, and how to create market segmentations.

All personas end up in the persona repository. Go here to get an overview of personas, create new ones, or organize them.

To organize personas, you can create persona categories as well as market segmentations.

Persona categories

Persona categories come in handy when you have multiple types of stakeholders, that each might have multiple personas associated with them. Use persona categories to create a separate category for each stekaholder. Within those categories, you can then create multiple personas for each category.

As an example: A train company might have several stakeholders that appear throughout their journeys, such as: customers, machinists, and ticket inspectors. Use persona categories to create one category per stakeholder: So a customer, machinist, and ticket inspector category. Within those categories, you can then create multiple personas. So within the ‘customer’ category, you might have multiple personas such as the ‘business traveler’, ‘tourist’, or ‘student’.

Creating a market segmentation

You can also show how personas differ from each other by placing them on a 2×2 grid. In this grid, every axis defines the most important distinction between your personas. You can create as many grids as you want. For every grid you can add specific information:

  • Title – Give your segmentation a title
  • Description – Provide more detail about the segmentation
  • Custom axes – Use freely configurable axes on which to place the personas

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