Using the journey template

Learn how to create a professional customer journey from scratch with this step-by-step video.

Use the chapters in the video to quickly jump to the parts you like to hear:

  • Personas: start with ‘who?’
  • Phases: splitting up the journey into phases
  • Steps: adding steps to the journey
  • Details: adding all the insights to each step
  • Empathy Arcs: how to create those visual emotional curves

Learn how to use your journey

Whether you are showing the circular journey to quickly show where the pain points are or use the present mode to go deeper - TheyDo lets you zoom in and out of each journey shared your screen.


TheyDo journeys let you cluster steps together to reveal opportunities. No need to make big Powerpoint presentations. Simply show each opportunity in the journey.


Continue exploring

Learn the pros and cons of the three different types of journey frameworks to decide which level of complexity is best for your organization.

A quick intro into the rapidly evolving world of journey management. Because it's not what customers say, it's what they do.

Guide / 3 min read

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