How it works

A customer-centric workflow from problem to solution.

business challenges

Define what’s in
and out of scope

Start by defining what part of a business goal or strategy you want to solve.

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Make sure you understand each customer type

Give your customers a name and face making it easy for everyone to relate to them when making decisions.

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persona mapping
customer journeys

Turn insights into
actionable journeys

Map journeys to demystify your customer behavior. Know what happens where and why when every step in a journey is uncovered.

TheyDo helped us define the why behind the customer segmentation data we use to deliver a better service to our customers.

Marc Liem B2B Marketing Albert Heijn

Highlight opportunities for innovation

Highlight the most important problems in your customer journey to show what matters most.

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problem finding in customer journey

Prioritise solutions customers need

Prioritizing your backlog becomes easy once you know which solutions fit the real problem you want to solve.

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prioritize and validate solutions

Share journeys company wide

Rally everyone around the customer by sharing your journeys company-wide.

The team behind TheyDo has extensive experience in helping companies get customer centric, which means the product is constantly evolving.
Wilco Donna Certified Agile Coach (KPN)
share customer journeys

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