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Pricing FAQ

Answers to common questions about pricing and billing.

How does TheyDo's pricing work?

All plans are priced linearly. Personal Pro is fixed at €20 per month if you pay monthly, and €18 per month if you pay yearly (€216). Team plans start with 5 users included at €25 per user per month if you pay monthly, and € 22,50 per user per month if you pay yearly (€1350). Enterprise pricing is determined upon request. 

Additional users can be added anytime. Contributors are € 25 per user per month if you pay monthly, and € 22,50 if you pay yearly. If you upgrade during a billing cycle, you will be charged a pro-rated fee. 

Viewers are € 5 per month per viewer on all plans.

If you pay yearly all plans get a standard 10% discount.

Can we pay via invoice?

Yes. You can choose to pay via invoice when creating an annual subscription worth more than €2.000 / year.


How safe is our data?

We use industry-standard cloud infrastructure along with extra safeguards to ensure your data remains secure. Security →


What are Contributors?

These are users who contribute and analyze data in TheyDo, like researchers, designers, and product managers.

What are Viewers?

These are users who can read and see all your data and insights but can’t edit. You can have unlimited viewers and assign them to different Workspaces.

How does adding users to my Organization affect my billing?

You have total control of your billing so that there are no surprises. You can assign Admins and Contributor roles to every user in your Organization. They can invite other users to join your Organization. If the number of users in your organization surpasses 5 users, you will get a notification about a prorated fee. Once you accept it, invites are sent out.


What happens when my free trial ends?

After your free trial ends, you have some options. If you want to continue using TheyDo, you can choose a paid plan. Or, you can request an extension. We’re here to think along. Once your free trial ends, you will not be able to access any of the content you created during your free trial. When you subscribe to a paid plan, you regain access to all your content.

How can I work with people from outside my organization?

Invite clients and external partners as Viewers (for which you pay €5 per month per user) or by selecting “share” inside a  Journey to create a share link everyone can view.

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