Collaborate remotely along
the customer journey

Doesn’t everyone want to know why customers do what they do? Getting an overview is hard when knowledge is available to a limited amount of people. TheyDo turns your journeys into a platform to align teams, projects and the business with your customer needs.


Customer insight repository

Understand why customers do what they do with insights all in one place.

TheyDo Customer Journey 

Continuous prioritization

TheyDo helps you to reveal and prioritise opportunities across journeys.

Faster decision making

Journeys are always up-to-date, so you instantly see what to do next.

Work customer-centric across teams

Capture insights asynchronous and online. Spot opportunities together, and track who’s working on what.

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Keep track of
your decisions

Prioritize opportunities and track validation

TheyDo helps you to prioritize opportunities so you can rank ideas on how New, Technically Feasible, and Useful they are.

More about design thinking

Backtrack any solution
to its customer insight

TheyDo shows solutions for a customer problem directly in relation to your business challenge.

Cross-functional Collaboration

One place for all your journeys helps to align your work-from-home team. Invite others to co-create, align, and prioritize.

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Working customer-centric finally scales outside the workshop.

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